- In The Midst of Reality -
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"It Hertz so bad". This film will explore the hidden universe of sound. Sound that can kill cancer. Sound that can be a weapon. Sound that can make objects fly and bridges crumble, and sound that we can’t even hear, with the power to make us feel good or bad. As the film’s protagonist we introduce American Sound Artist LAURIE AMAT who will add a poetic and philosophical layer to the film through personal memories, anecdotes and humour. Why do certain sounds mean so much to us? Why do we know so little about how sound affects us? Is it such a secret universe because it is an invisible sense? We know that sound and music can give us strong feelings such as melancholy, anger and joy, but what is it that makes this happen? How big impact has sound and music in our lives? Långfilm Produktionsbolag: Upnorth, Norge I produktion, premiär vår 2020 Stöd: Vestnorsk Filmsenter, Norsk Film Institutt Laurie Amat



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